Various Articles by Dr. Christopher McIntosh

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Inspirations for Sacred Gardens

A garden can be so much more than just a piece of land with a few flowerbeds and perhaps a vegetable patch. A garden is a special kind of interface between nature and art, and any garden can combine those two things in such a way as to create a message. 



7 pages, various illustrations

Eliphas Levi Father of Modern Occultism

Lecture delivered at Treadwell’s bookshop, London, 25 January 2012 and at Göteborg University, Sweden, 23 November 2012.


18 pages. 9 illustrations.

Gustav Meyrink – a Pioneer of Esoteric Literature

Lecture originally given at the Exeter Centre for the Study of Esotericism, 14 April 2013 , 13 pages

Rosicrucian Fiction

A Theme to Conjure With: Rosicrucianism in Fiction – Rosicrucianism as Fiction

Originally delivered as a talk at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, in May 2006, and in a shortened form at the First International Conference of the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism held at Tübingen, Germany, July 2007

Short story: "The Meyerbeck Manuscript"

The story of the Rosicrucian vault with a surprising twist.

"Both God and the Devil have their sacred objects that serve as vessels of divine light or infernal darkness, as the case may be ... but I am cursed with the possession of an object of I which I cannot say whether it is of one or the other ..." Now read on!

12 pages

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