Fama Fraternitatis

New edition


Manifesto of the Most Praiseworthy Order of the Rosy Cross, addressed to all the rulers, estates and learned of Europe.

Translated from the original German and annotated by Christopher McIntosh and Donate Pahnke McIntosh,

with an introduction by Christopher McIntosh (published by Vanadis Texts, 2019).


The seminal document known as the Fama Fraternitatis (Proclamation of the Fraternity) burst like a firework over Europe in the early 17th century, igniting the imagination of many with its story of the German seeker Christian Rosenkreuz, his journey through the Middle East in search of wisdom, and his creation of the esoteric Rosicrucian Fraternity. The first of three so-called Rosicrucian Manifestos, it received no adequate English translation until, to mark the 400th anniversary of the original German publication in 1614, Christopher McIntosh and Donate Pahnke McIntosh produced an English rendering, based on careful study of printed and manuscript versions. Now they have re-issued the work in a revised and improved form. This text is an essential resource for all who are drawn to Rosicrucianism, whether as a field of study or a spiritual path. 


Dr. Christopher McIntosh und Dr. Donate Pahnke McIntosh

Gaußstr. 28, 28865 Lilienthal