Ian Hamilton Finlay - A Memoir

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Ian Hamilton Finlay - A Memoir

by Christopher McIntosh


This is a personal portrait of the Scottish poet and artist Ian Hamilton Finlay, his life and work. McIntosh recounts Finlay's emergence as an avant-garde writer and poet in the 1950s, the creation, together with his wife Sue, of his famous garden at his home Stonypath-Little Sparta in Lanarkshire, his espousal of the ideals of the French Revolution, his defence of classical values, his idiosyncratic form of paganism, his struggle against what he called the “secular terror”, his many battles. Having been seen by many as an enfant terrible, he was in his later years fêted by the establishment, given honorary doctorates and an honorary professorship, awarded a CBE and hailed as Scotland’s greatest artist. Today he has a world-wide reputation, and in 2004 a panel of artists and arts professionals voted the garden at Stonypath-Little Sparta the most important work of Scottish art. This lively personal tribute is a must for Finlay scholars and admirers.

(Vanadis, 2014)

Dr. Christopher McIntosh und Dr. Donate Pahnke McIntosh

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